Patriot Meats are Born, Raised and Harvested from American family Farms and Ranchers.


Our Patriot Meats brand has aligned with first responders and military veterans to exclusively work with American farmers and ranchers providing an outlet for their homegrown American products. We’re selling a Premium line of 100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished and Grain-Finished premium beef. In addition All-natural free range poultry and all natural pasture raised pork. 100% Angus premium beef cuts. Perfectly aged for the juiciest and most flavorful steaks you will ever eat. Enjoy the same steaks we make and eat on the Ranch the way real cowboys and cowgirls like to eat them. Now you can serve your family premium beef and steaks that not only taste great but have NO ANTIBIOTICS, NO ADDED HORMONES. All natural real American born, raised, and harvested pasture raised Angus beef. Come and Get it!